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How to build a Magical Path

06 Jan 2019

For starters let me emphasise that I am an artist not a paving expert or concrete trades-person! This could very well be a blog on what not to do… if I was to tackle this project again I would do a few things differently…

Living beyond the ordinary

24 Oct 2018

Who would like a ‘room of requirement’ as in Harry Potter, or for their house to be ‘bigger on the inside’ like the TARDIS?

Rainy Days

07 Jun 2018

When my daughter left home I knew it was going to be a difficult week. I did however find some perverse amusement in taking a photograph of a miserable rusty garden ornament in the rain!

Good Timing

27 Apr 2018

For the past four years I have worked as a casual sales assistant in a fabric store. When I got this job I was in my late 40’s with no recent experience in retail but I did have skills in dressmaking and costuming and a degree in Fashion and Textile design.


26 Mar 2018

For a long time I’ve had a fascination for old items that are imaginatively ‘re-purposed’ for new uses; especially in regards to garden decor. After all, just about anything looks better when combined with greenery!

All the wisdom in the world

17 Feb 2018

When my father passed away last year he left us with thousands of books. Most of them were sold and given away but I kept some of the old Penguin and Pelican covers and used them to wallpaper the toilet room walls.

On the Fly

29 Jan 2018

I’m one of these people who buzzes all day. I always have half a dozen projects in my head at any given time and struggle to turn my brain off at night.

How much are you worth?

02 Jan 2018

Recently I heard the phrase: “Something is only worth what you’re willing to pay for it.” That resonated with me...


17 Nov 2017

Welcome to my first Blog! When the idea of writing a blog was first suggested, I immediately asked ‘why would anybody be interested in what I have to say beyond the realm of fantasy fiction?’