Welcome to my first Blog! When the idea of writing a blog was first suggested, I immediately asked ‘why would anybody be interested in what I have to say beyond the realm of fantasy fiction?’

But here you are so “Hello!”

Important news for the month: The Brown Honeyeaters are back!

Years ago they nested here and were the inspiration behind ‘Little Brown’ the main character of my first book “Fairy Foals.” They left after that and I didn’t see them for years – until now.

Brown honeyeaters are small and unremarkable to look at but have an amazing melodious song. Every time I see one sing, I am awed that such a small frail frame can produce such penetrating volume!

They are also enthusiastic parents and are capable of laying eggs and raising their chicks within a month. I know this because they nest in the hanging baskets outside my back door. Not only that, but once they’ve committed to the task, they are virtually spook proof. I’ve had one determined mother sit through a loud party on the paved area by her nest and another bunkering down on her eggs whilst my husband leaned over on a ladder to staple fairy lights to the eaves of the house. That takes a great deal of faith that things will work out despite the apparent danger and uncertainty of their surroundings.

I really never wanted to self-publish. There are sharks out there, it’s a big investment and involves management skills that I don’t have - but in the end nothing will stop a passion of the heart; I simply have to take my stories to their natural conclusion, it feels like the right thing to do and I consider myself blessed and fortunate to have this opportunity at hand.

The Magic Art Cubby is one little shed studio in the back yard of an ordinary suburb of Perth – probably the most isolated city on the globe. But imagination has no boundaries – and neither it seems, does the internet. A very large voice indeed!

So now it’s time to bunker down and work hard.

…after a nice cup of tea!